The Mountain Goats - Peacocks

Peacocks Chords and Lyrics by The Mountain Goats

Artist : The Mountain Goats
Song : Peacocks
Album : Tallahassee

Intro : C

Verse 1 :
C             G     Am           F
I hear them squeal, I see them preen
C                G   Am         F
Fans all spread out, neat and clean


Verse 2 :
C                  G       Am              F
Grab hold of the morning, head out to the porch
C                G       Am             F
Feel the wind stopping, feel the sun scorch

Refrain :
C                G    Am                    F
I fear for my safety, you can see it in my eyes
C              G   Am       F       F
In an hour or two, we will rise


Verse 3 :
C                     G
Then a sharp breeze kicks up
Am            F
I hug myself hard
C                  G      Am            F
How come there's peacocks in the front yard?


Verse 4 :
C           G     Am     F
Sun's all prickly on my neck
C                     G     Am               F
When the helicopter passes, we both hit the deck
C                    G
Hands grasping and groping
Am                   F
Seizing opportunity right where it lies
C             G    Am       F    F
The sky will fall, we will rise

Outro : C C C C

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