Cynthia Erivo - I'm Here

Chords and Lyrics Cynthia Erivo - I'm Here

Artist : Cynthia Erivo
Song : I'm Here

I Don't Need you to Love me
I don't need you to love
C Dsus G
I've got, I got, I got my sister,
Gmaj7 G6
I can feel her now, she may not be here
Gmaj7 C(add2)
but she still mine I know
Cmaj9#11 Em9
she still love me
G6 Gmaj7
Got my children, I can't hold them now.
G6 Gmaj7
They may not be here but they still mine,
C(add2) Em9
I hope they know I still love them.
Got my house it still keeps the cold out.
Got my chair when my body can't hold out.
Got my hands doin good like they s'posed to,
Showing my heart to the folks that I'm close to.
Got my eyes though they don't see as far now,
Bm7 G(add2)/B
they see more bout how things really are now.

Csus2 Csus2/D
G5 D7sus G6/9 Dsus/A

D7sus Csus2
I'm gonna take a deep breath,
Dsus D Em7
gonna hold my head up, gonna put my shoulders back and
Dsus2/F# Gmaj9
look you straight in the eye.
Csus2 Dsus D
I'm gonna flirt with somebody when they walk by.
Gsus2/B C6/9
I'm gonna sing out, sing out

Em7 D/F# G C(add2) G/B C
I believe I have inside of me everything that I need to live a bountiful life,
D/E Em7 D/F# G
with all the love alive in me,
I'll stand as tall as the tallest tree
and I'm thankful for everyday that I'm given,
both the easy and the hard ones I'm livin
C6/9 Dsus D
But most of all, I'm thankful for,
Dsus Am11
loving who I really am.

I'm beautiful.
D7sus G6/9 G
Yes I'm beautiful and I'm here
G6 Gsus2

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