Children 18:3 - Afterall

Chords and Lyrics Children 18:3 - Afterall

Artist : Children 18:3
Song : Afterall

Verse 1 :
He came around the mountain with fire in his eyes
D                                                  C  D
Driving half a dozen mares all glistening and white
He said 'Where you think you're going, son?' I said 'I don't really know,
E                            G    E
'But I'm glad you're here to ask me cause I was starting to give up 'And it made
     D                D# E
me think, 'I was wrong, I've been wrong'!

Chorus :
A               G                   F#                        F             E
After all, what was I born for? You can't go back and there's no fast forward
A                     G                    F#              F     
Something that I can finally move towards, After all, what was I born for?

Verse 2 :
Now the waves were getting frisky, and I was nervous with the wind
D                                                       C     D
Straining at procedures, but we were starting to give in
In the flash and boom of thunder, I could swear I saw a ghost
   E                        G    E
But then he smiled across the water and said 'Step out of the boat'
                D            D# E
And I stepped in. Rain and wind, I stepped in!

Solo : A C D   A C A  (x3)
         A C D  E   A C A

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