Dodie Clark - You

Chords and Lyrics Dodie Clark - You

Artist : Dodie Clark
Song : You

Intro : Bbmaj7/F Bb6/F (x2)

Verse 1 :
Bbmaj7/F Bb6/F Eb6/G
I told you I was looking for some empathy
Well you fooled me
Eb6/G F7 Bbmaj7/F Bb6/F
Just, a touch and a thought and I was gone
Bbmaj7/F Bb6/F Eb6/G
And now someone's gonna get to know the better you
When I was supposed to
Eb6/G F7 Bbmaj7/F Bb6/F Bbmaj7/F Bb6/F
Oh, oh, oh why did it have to be you

[Verse 2 :
I guess
Bb6/F Eb6/G
Now the next time there's an opportunity
I'll tread more carefully
Eb/G F7 Bbmaj7/F Bb6/F
My heart's running out of sellotape
You know
Bb6/F Eb6/G
How is it I've never felt that way before
Oh I was so sure
Eb6/G F7 Bbmaj7/F Bb6/F Bbmaj7/F Bb7/F
Oh, oh, oh it wasn't going to be you Ooh

Bridge :
Eb/G D7
Why do all the red flags
Bb6 Bb6/E
Just look like so much fun, oh
I have a habit of
Searching for the damage
Bbmaj7/F Bb7/F
To share my love
Eb/G D7
I promised to be numb
Bb6 Bb6/E
But somehow you were the one
Now to unwind
Ebm/Gb Bbmaj7/F Bb7/F Bbmaj7/F Bb7/F
Months of a good time

Verse 3 :
Bbmaj7/F Bb7/F Eb6/G
People will tell me that I messed up
And it wasn't love
Eb6/G F7 Bbmaj7/F Bb7/F Bbmaj7/F
And I'm secretly hoping they are right, because
Bb7/F C6/G Eb/G#
Whatever it was it was wonderful
But nonfunctional
Eb/G# F7
Bbmaj7/F Bb7/F Bbmaj7/F Bb7/F
I really hope I don't love you

Verse 4 :
Bbmaj7/F Bb7/F Bbmaj7/F Bb7/F
Eb6/G F7 Eb6/G F7
Ooh Mmm
Bbmaj7/F Bb7/F Bbmaj7/F Bb7/F
Eb6/G F7 Eb6/G F7 Bb7/F
Ooh Mmm

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