Hot Mulligan - Wait For It

Chords and Lyrics Hot Mulligan - Wait For It

Artist : Hot Mulligan
Song : Wait For It

Intro : Am Gadd4 C C/B Am7/F Gadd4

Verse 1 :

Am Gadd4 C C/B
All I can ask is that we stay like this forever
Am7/F G
Because I've spent a decade just wishing that we could
Am Gadd4 C C/B
Fantasies were unmet, and we never kept our promises
Am7/F Gadd4
This time I swear I have it figured out for good
Am7/F Gadd4 Am C/B C Gadd4 F
You can be found in the cheapest and sweetest of bottles I have ever swallowed down
I'd rather have you than this spinning room
Am C/B C Am7/F G
That smells like cheap booze and perfume

Verse 2 :
Am Gadd4 C C/B
When you wrote me off, I wrote a song about a holocaust
Am7/F Gadd4
You were the premise that dropped the melody into my head
Am G C C/B Am7/F
Like a bomb that falls and spreads itself across the harbor of my heart
Destroying every single vessel in the bay
Am7 Gadd4 C C/B
I feel the same way: cheated, depleted
Am7/F Gadd4
A once-boastful army defeated by a play-Judas
Am G C C/B
bullet to the lips just check the tube of your chapstick
Am7/F Gadd4
It's shaped the same I shape myself around you
But you never take the blame

Outro :

Am C/B C
I was two hundred and oh
My god, you came around last minute
Brought the loss to me
I missed the trophy wife
Am C/B
"Please, can you help me?"
I'd say to my family
Am7/F Gadd4 Am
If you would ever settle down and realize that it's always been me

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