Radical Face - Secrets (Cellar Door)

Chords and Lyrics Radical Face - Secrets (Cellar Door)

Artist : Radical Face
Song : Secrets (Cellar Door)

Intro : F Bb F Bb F

Verse 1 :
Dm F Bb Bbadd#11
Drawn into the frost on the glass was a map pointing to my secret hiding place
Dm F Bb Bbadd#11
It led you to the tree with the split in its trunk on the way into your family's yard
Dm F Bb Bbadd#11
In that tree you saw I brought the dog back to life
Dm F Bb Bbadd#11
I watch you from the branches while you stared from the ground with a look I couldn't understand
So I said "leave me alone, if your only words are ugly ones"

And you just smiled and said "come and show me how it's done"

Dm Bb F Bb Bbadd#11

Verse 2 :
Dm Bb F Bb Bbadd#11
You dug up your old bird, and you held her to your chest as I breathed life back into her lungs
Dm Bb F
And she blinked and flapped her wings, and she sang a familiar song
Before she took to the air and cut a path into the woods
Dm F Bb F C
And then I cried, because all my life I have known something was off
Dm Bb Bbadd#11
But you just shrugged and said: "it ain't just you"

F Dm Am Am (x2)
Bb Dm Am C C

Verse 3 :

Dm F Bb Bbadd#11
Slipping on the pavement where we ran from the ghosts that you saw behind the cellar door
Dm F
That's the way that you showed me that I wasn't quite alone
That you'd also touched the dead before

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