Lilly Breems - Time

Chords and Lyrics Lilly Breems - Time

Artist : Lilly Breems
Song : Time

Intro : C Am7 Em F

Verse 1 :

C Am7 Em F
Time is money, time is short
C Am7 Em F
Time's a lesson we've all got to learn,
C Am7 Em F
Time is function in the human brain,
C Am7 Em F
Time is waiting, time is burning things

Chorus :
C Am7 Em F
Why buy time trying to make things right
C Am7 Em F
And why buy time trying to figure out this life,
C Am7 Em F
When all I do is sing praises to you,
C Am7
All the time, all the time
Em F C Am7 Em F
You can buy my time, all the time of my life

Verse 2 :
C Am7 Em F
If time is greedy then time will take,
C Am7 Em F
And if time is lovely then time will wait,
C Am7 Em F
If time doesn't match up there's nothing you can do,
C Am7 Em7 F
But wait for more time to see you through

Bridge :
C Am7 Em F
Time is ticking, time will go,
C Am7 Em F
Time is ticking but how slow

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